Grass-Graph will generate a PNG image of your GitHub contributions graph

  • Let's imaging easily the contribution graph of GitHub!

Grass-Graph is a service that can generate a PNG image of a contribution graph of a specific GitHub account. You can also specify the image size, rotation angle, date you want to display.

The below code is your Grass-Graph image tag.

Some options can be specified. For details, please check the bottom of the page.

a-know's GitHub Contributions Grass-Graph

Options (params)
(These options can be used in combination.)

key description example
rotate The angle of image (0 - 360).
width The width of image.
The unit is pixel.
height The height of image.
The unit is pixel.
background If you want to make the background color transparent, specify "none".
date EOS (2020-03-27)
Retrieve the image of the specified date.

This option can return the image by recreating the cache only if you got the image on the specified day in advance.
Therefore, I recommend you to get graph image everyday.
(I am embedding image tag in my blog. Because at least one person will visit my blog everyday!)